Beautiful jars by BLUE

Skull Slides

Blasted skulls!


Linework spike pulls


Jars and a mini

Spike Pipe

Spike pipe with sick disc section


A wide selection of Martini Slides

Carver B

Carver B/Burtone Colab

Sherlock with dichro marble (Photo by JoyHart)


Implosion marble on slide with deep cuts (Photo by JoyHart)


Deep cuts (Photo by JoyHart)


Honeycomb and cane work (Photo by JoyHart)


More deep cuts (Photo by JoyHart)


Deep carves with fade to red bowl (Photo by JoyHart)


LG battuto slide (Photo by JoyHart)

Carver B/Ben Burton Colab

Carver B/Ben Burton Colab onie (Photo by JoyHart)


Honeycomb with huge opal (Photo by JoyHart)


Shell slide (Photo by JoyHart)


Shell slide side view (Photo by JoyHart)

Christina Cody

Shell pipe

Gold Smokin' shell!

Shell pipe

Red Smokin' shell!



Female form downstem and Zach P bowl

Corinne Winters


Bank roll


Money onie

El Hefe

Martini Pinch Slide

Great example of a pinch slide! Vastly improved airflow with this over a regular single hole push.

Double Layer Slides

One teardrop and several straight double layer slides. The window to the second layer is gorgeous!

Double Layer Slides

Several teardrops, a matching slide/downstem, and a couple straight slides.

Elks That Run

A Few ETR Pieces

Beautiful peace pipe, a onie on a leather thong, and a couple slides

Gateson Recko

Universe Marble Slide

This universe marble is insane!

Universe Marble Slide

Another view of the insane universe marble, can you find all the planets?

Universe Marble Slide on a Bent Neck 7mm Roor

This is where a Gateson Recko slide belongs.

Glass Munky


Circ diffused bub with recessed gong joint and matching bowl.




A Grav-Elite Joint

This is a 25mm joint that allows a flushmount downstem with an 18mm slide

A Grav-Elite Beaker Base

Yes, a Grav-Elite beaker has a solid inch of glass on the bottom.

Grav-Elite Tubes

A straight and a beaker 9mm thick Grav-Elite


Hamm Tubes

Two Hamm tubes with disc diffusers and a Glass Munky slide on the left, a Refresh slide on the right.

Hamm Tube and Ashcatcher Set and Hamm Tornado Bubbler

(Left)A tube and ashcatcher Hamm put together with worked disc diffusers by his shopmate Contrabasso. (Right) a Hamm original tornado bubbler, has to been seen to be understood!


Single HD

A straight tube with a honeycomb perc and fixed downstem

Honeycomb Perc

A style of disc perc with 200 holes

Honeycomb Perc

A straight-on view of a honeycomb perc

pH(x) Logo

pH(x) engraves their logo


Roor Collection

A couple ESP RooЯ Customs, a few other tubes, and a plethora of Roor accesories.

Dale Sommers Custom

24" tall Dale Sommers Custom RooЯ

Bent Neck Custom

7mm thick bent neck custom with black and white crown.

Limited Edition Custom

Limited edition #36 of 138 block lettering label 7mm thick

Limited Edition Custom

Rear view

Tri-Color Custom

Red, Yellow, Green crown custom

Lean Back Perc Beaker

The lean back tree perc allows you to tilt the tube back without losing the functionality of the tree perc.

Scribble Label Beaker

One of several limited run labels.


Extra wide tube for maximum volume.


Fixed Stem 8-arm Tree Perc

Fixed downstem to a 7-arm tree perc with an 8-arm tree perc.

Fixed Stem 13-arm Tree Perc

Green label, fixed downstem to a 7-arm tree perc with an 13-arm tree perc.

Worked Fixed Stem 8-arm Tree Perc

Orange label, fixed downstem to a 7-arm tree perc with a worked 8-arm tree perc.